General Management Curriculum Based on Leadership

The EMBA equivalent programme offers a comprehensive general management curriculum that is customised to the requirements of senior executives and prepares them for the next phase in their career. Participants cover 24 courses during the 15 month period.

The teaching methodology is adapted for senior professionals and aims to enhance strategic thinking and decision making abilities. Our general management curriculum allows participants to gain a strong understanding of key business (functional) areas and is suitable across industries and organisations. It provides conceptual knowledge which helps in improving existing skills and empowers participants to make a more informed decision. The curriculum helps to:

  • Develop General Management Skills
  • Build Cross Functional Knowledge
  • Enhance Leadership skills and StrategicThinking

Take a look at the detailed course listing:
Harvard Online Courses 
Basic Courses on Understanding Business Environment
Core Courses on Understanding Key Business Fundamentals
Advanced Courses on Developing Functional Knowledge | Leading Business and Organisations