Research Associate with Professor Bhavna Rai

ISB is looking for candidates with strong analytical, quantitative, and communication skills and excellent academic background.

There is one RA position available in the Economics and Public Policy area with Professor Bhavna Rai.

The candidate will assist the faculty in their ongoing research work with duties including, but not limited to, conducting literature review in statistics and economics, conducting statistical and econometric analysis using Stata and Matlab, and providing writing and editing support for research papers.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

Master’s level degree (bachelor’s level, 4-year degree with a high CGPA is also acceptable). Significant coursework in mathematics, statistics, and programming are highly desired.

This position is ideally suited for individuals seeking to apply to strong economics Ph.D. programs.

The candidate must have high standards in terms of quality of work, attention to detail, ability to multi-task and absolute commitment to task completion.


ISB is a research focused business school. It offers a variety of opportunities to understand the current management phenomena in depth, through research seminars, workshops, and PhD-level courses. It provides several options to hone a person’s analytical skills. The hands-on research experience is helpful as the candidate starts his/her own research in the field. The position offers a competitive salary along with other benefits (CTC).

If interested, please email your CV to with a copy to clearly indicating your suitability for the position. Please mention “Research Associate in Economics and Public Policy under Prof. Bhavna Rai” in the subject line.