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About Career Advancement Services (CAS)

Since its inception, the CAS team at ISB has been facilitating transformational career journeys for the PGP suite students, especially for the flagship one-year PGP. The PGP is consistently ranked among the top B-schools globally in the annual Financial Times (FT) rankings. To explore talent partnerships with us, you may write to placements@isb.edu.

Careers Advancement Services

Taking pride in being talent partners of top global companies

ISB has achieved remarkable success in placing its students since its inception. The school pioneered the practice of lateral placements in India, leveraging the unique student profile characterised by a minimum defined work experience.

Consequently, ISB has not only facilitated significant career transitions but also secured prestigious leadership positions for its business graduates. 

The Career Advancement Services (CAS) team at ISB works in collaboration with various stakeholders, such as the students, corporates, and internal groups, to achieve this.

It provides an extensive range of services, encompassing career counselling, corporate networking sessions, and career management, all designed to assist students in making informed decisions about their professional paths. 

Connecting the Best with the Best

ISB’s CAS Team has a unique structure and its strength stems from its professional nature and the skills plus experience of its team members. 

To support our recruiters and students, CAS has created robost processes and policies complemented by a state-of-art-placements portal and customer relationship module built on latest technology.

Reach out to us at placements@isb.edu to know more about hiring from ISB.

Career Advancement Journey of a PGP Student

The journey of ISB students begins the moment a class is onboarded in April. The year-long course comprises self-reflections, in-class learnings, peer-to-peer interactions, networking, corporate connect, and experiential immersions.

Through a series of engagements with corporates, students get the opportunity to learn about recruiting companies with national and global presence. Placements commence with pre-placement talks by recruiters with the student body.

Get in touch with our team if you are interested to know more about hiring from ISB at placements@isb.edu


Class Year




Offers Made

Charting Career Progression of PGP Students

CTC Over The Years

PGP Class of 2024

In the PGP class of '24, students are from diverse industrial, functional, and global backgrounds. We are proud to have 41% women leaders in the class, as we strive to enhance and uphold excellence in our inclusive learning environment.

These class demographics exemplify our dedication to nurturing future leaders for India and the world.

The average age of the class is 27 years, and the average work experience stands at 4.6 years.

As in previous years, we have a blend of talent from engineering and non-engineering backgrounds, covering a wide range of work experience from 2 to 20+ years. The class has students with backgrounds in Consulting, Retail, Pharma, Analytics, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Legal Services, Marketing, Technology, Medicine, Merchant Navy, Defence, and other fields.

Engage with ISB PGP Class of 24

We invite senior leaders and industry experts to come and interact with our current class. Last year we hosted 200+ leaders, CXOs , Board Members, entreprenuers and business heads, who inspired our students with their life and career journeys. 

ISB prepares its students to envision and execute compelling goals, explore global possibilities and change the face of business to achieve the triple bottom line (profit, people, planet). Students can major in structured functions like Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Strategy, Operations, Finance and Marketing, etc, they get to choose an industry specialisation such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Public Policy and Infrastructure, among others.

Click here to view the learning model for the PGP.

Contact us if you wish to engage with the current class.


Students Trained For Multiple Career Trajectories

Message from the Leadership

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Prof Ramabhadran Thirumalai

Deputy Dean, Programmes, ISB

Our PGP continues to be ranked the best in India. We are triple-accredited, which represents a high standard of achievement. Our faculty bring cutting-edge curriculum and learning methods into the classroom. As a result, the students are trained to see the big picture while diving deep into the issues at hand. They have proved their ability to innovate, lead teams across countries and cultures; and are contributing to the success of their respective organisations.


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Kiran Neti

Director and HOD, CAS

Our students have a plethora of opportunities, in terms of the diverse kinds of roles, as well as the salaries offered. They were sought after by a wide spectrum of corporates, well-established MNCs and conglomerates, plus unicorns and new-age firms, besides the government and semi-government space. For instance, more than two-thirds of the recent batches could pivot their industry, with several of them accepted in leadership roles.







Professional Clubs and Outside-the-Classroom Learning

Formed by industrial and functional interest areas, and driven by the students, Professional Clubs facilitate enhanced learning opportunities for the cohort.

The Clubs help students stay in touch with the latest developments in industry and learn about or create new best practices during the year. The students gain exposure to cutting-edge trends within the industry and the right tools to harness their potential and excel during placement interviews.

The Learning and Development (L&D) ecosystem at ISB is a blend of in-class and outside-the-class engagements. Under the guidance of a highly accomplished committee that comprises academicians, alumni and industry experts, we have created Leadership Development modules, Industry Deep-Dive sessions, Career Pathways meetings, Resume Reviews and Mock Interview sessions, as well as flagship conferences for students to undergo a holistic development.

Here is the link for details on outside-the-classroom learning   

What Some Of Our Recruiters Say

Waterfield Advisors

Kartik Kini COO, Waterfield Advisors:  “Waterfield Advisors was glad to be a part of the Placement Week at ISB. Students are uniquely suited to meet Waterfield Advisors needs in terms of their experience, knowledge and poise. The ease of campus recruitment was amazing, enabling us to meet and select from a large number of candidates in a short while – kudos to the management team for the same. Look forward to continued engagement with ISB in the years to come.”