Is the Future of Work, Hybrid? - Panel Discussion by HC & LI

Sep 09, 202117:00 - 18:30

Join us for the forthcoming event of the Human Capital and Leadership Initiative (HC & LI) - a live virtual panel discussion on the theme ‘Is the Future of Work, Hybrid?'

We will have three panelists from North America, Europe, and Asia - each sharing their unique perspective on how the future of work is evolving in their respective geographies. During this one-hour discussion, they will be engaged on questions like: are employers and employees preferring ‘hybrid work’ in all regions? , what are the regional and sectoral choices? , what criteria are being used to decide who should come back to the office and for how long? , are there any discernible best practices?, are national cultures influencing these decisions ?, and what are the challenges of managing hybrid work for Business Leaders and People Managers?

This will be a free event and everyone is welcome to join.  Please register below and join us for this free session.