Data Science Summit at ISB

By Team Marcomm Dec 02, 2022

The ISB Institute of Data Science (IIDS) organised a day-long Summit on Retail Analytics, Fintech, and Leadership Paths in Data Science. The platform enabled participants to learn how leading companies are leveraging data to engage and connect with potential collaborators. IIDS is popularly known for the eighteen months long course on Advanced Management Program in Business Analytics (AMPBA) which provides an in-depth understanding of data science along with adequate business know-how. 

The one-day Summit witnessed leading industry experts from the domain of retail and fintech like Flipkart, Tesco, Tata Digital, Microsoft, Broadridge, Tide, Allied Digital Services, Deloitte, Swiss Re, Hero Enterprises, Reliance Jio, etc.

The widespread digital acceleration and transformation across industries have increased inter-connectedness between Fintech and Retail. The pandemic has facilitated bridging the gap. As per the industry estimates, India's retail market was estimated to be about $900 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach over $1.5 trillion in the next five years.

With the inevitability of the transition of the industry onto the cloud/ online, a robust technology foundation will be integral to streamlining operations and meeting the ever-changing needs of customers. The Fintech industry, poised for disruption in the Financial industry, is also expected to triple in the next 4-5 years.

Data Science Summit 2022 Inauguration

Prof. Deepa Mani, Deputy Dean, Executive Education and Digital Learning, ISB inaugurated the event and spoke of the importance of data science in this rapidly adopting digital world.

Speaking about the event, Prof. Manish Gangwar, Executive Director, IIDS said," I am very pleased to see enthusiastic participation from the Data Science fraternity. With the government's aim to achieve a USD 1 trillion economy by 2025, it is imperative that AI and digital technology are embraced and adopted not only by the industry and the government but also at the grassroots level. ONDC, Digital currency, and Data Privacy Bill are all enablers in the right direction."

Speaking at the event, Dr. Shourya Roy, Senior Director, Flipkart highlighted the different areas where data science is used in e-commerce like customer onboarding, inventory planning & forecasting, product search, customer onboarding, pricing, etc. Other sessions in the Summit were on the use of blockchain in the fintech industry, and reasoning-based conversation systems along with a panel discussion on customer loyalty, data science in fintech, and path to data science leadership, amongst others.

Mr. Gaurav Shinh, Founder and CEO, said that “As an institution harnessing the power of technology to build innovative solutions and products across diverse industries-e-commerce, fintech and supply chain, we believe the summit was an incredible opportunity to connect different collaborators on potential solutions for being future-ready.”