Heartful Soldier - Amit Sharma

Age is just a number when one’s mindset is still young and hungry. Ask 45-year-old retired Indian Army Colonel Amit Sharma, and he will tell you exactly that. This Kargil war veteran’s coming to ISB results from his dreams and aspirations that will not allow him to sleep.

Amit has served long durations in some of India’s remotest and most hostile places. In his 22 years of service, he has seen the toughest times. He has overcome the most demanding challenges of overseeing logistics and maintaining communication channels for the Indian Army. He used his persona as the Commanding Officer (CO) of a unit to break the firm grip of cartels supplying labour and materials to the army contingent in these far-flung places. 

Before joining ISB, Amit needed to resolve first with himself if he wanted an MBA degree. “I wanted to empower myself to gain knowledge and create change for the people in remote areas with whom I have worked,” said Amit. 

Once he had decided to go for a full-fledged management course, ISB was his first choice. “There is no comparison between other institutions and ISB.” 

After a lifetime of learning with the armed forces, Amit joins ISB to fulfil his dream of doing something independently and giving back to the helpful people in remote corners of India who had once helped him. He believes that once market dynamics are established, the burden of hardships faced by these ‘genuinely nice’ people would be a thing of the past.