Aparnaa Jain: Impactful Journey

For Aparnaa Jain, 31, making a social impact means extending the help so the benefit reaches the last person in line. Picture this: Aparnaa took on the task of addressing a crucial gap in emergency aid expertise among Uber drivers. She took charge and led a team in developing a comprehensive training project.

"Training around 500 Uber drivers is a massive operation, from scheduling time slots for drivers, motivating them to participate in the program, sending appointment reminders, to conducting preliminary checks and event coordination. It was all about making a real impact on people's lives, which brings me happiness," says Aparnaa.

But that's not all. When faced with challenges in securing sponsors for underprivileged children in the Sarthak Foundation, an NGO she worked for, Aparnaa executed a plan using targeted segmentation, networking with existing funders, savvy marketing strategies, and effective communication. She not only exceeded expectations but also surpassed the fundraising target by a staggering 151% in just 20 days.

"I cherish moments like taking children from disadvantaged backgrounds to a water park, giving them a day filled with laughter, joy, and a break from their everyday struggles. And when a school dropout supported by my organisation becomes the first girl in her community to pursue higher education in engineering, my heart swells with pride," she says. 

Embarking on a new chapter in her journey at ISB, Aparnaa states, "I now aim to refine my skillsets to scale up organisations, which includes strengthening leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and developing financial and business acumen. The growth trajectories of numerous ISB alumni inspire me. The curriculum offered by ISB, along with its wide range of electives, will not only help me strengthen my desired skills but also foster a holistic approach that will drive me towards my vision of scaling."