About LRC

About LRC

A Good LIBRARY IS PIVOTAL TO THE GROWTH OF AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION. The mission of the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) is to support the School in its quest to become an internationally top-ranked, research driven management institute.

The School’s LRC is at the heart of the Academic Centre, housed at Bajaj Auto Library at the Hyderabad campus and in the Academic Building (second floor) at Mohali campus. Designed to meet the academic and research needs of the ISB students, it also extends its services to the local community.  A knowledge hub, it provides access to various information resources ranging from the latest management books, textbooks (print plus online) and audio-visual resources. It’s prompt and effective services are in sync with the changing needs of the academic community which is moving towards the electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals and databases.

Printed Books

50 +

Printed Journals

2900 +


2000 +



AV Resources

80 +


LRC Resources

The LRC holds a hybrid collection of print as well as electronic resources that include books, journals, databases, AV resources, e-books, e-journal etc. 

LRC has deployed the best cutting edge technology to create customer delight in every transaction through its Wi-Fi enabled structure to make use of the resources, services & info products from anywhere, anytime. LRC proactively meets the changing needs of the user community by offering resources and services based on their needs.

The collection of resources is a mix of:

> E-resources - 60%

> Print resources - 20%

> Non-conventional media - 10%

> Networking with other B-schools -10%

LRC Services

The Learning Resource Centre primarily serves the ISB community of faculty, staff, students, families, alumni and also limited services are open to the external users.


The information about all circulation transactions such as loan, reservation, renewal and fine payment of individuals can be viewed using online catalogue (Hyderabad) and (Mohali).

Knowledge Management

LRC actively collect the research and working papers of ISB faculty & researcher to maintain an archive of intellectual capital created at the School.

Course Support

LRC staff works closely with faculty and ASA team to deliver the required cases, articles, book chapters, simulations, multimedia etc.

Proactive Information Services

Based on the current activities and needs for the on-going programmes, the LRC offers context-based services to the target user group from time to time.


Current Awareness Services

1.Display of newly added books and periodicals 

2.Display of announcements received from various institutions regarding the conferences, workshops, seminars etc.

Research Assistance

LRC helps faculty, research scholars and staff with data retrieval and analysis for their research/curriculum needs.



LRC has very well-defined and user-friendly circulation, copyright, resource development, resource sharing policies and guidelines to meet the requirements of the ISB community.


The Learning Resource Centre is a rich source of content for the academic as well as the professional community. The LRC primarily serves the members of the ISB community. LRC also offers limited services for Alumni thus opening the doors to the wealth of knowledge available here. It provides library services and access to information that support and enhances their research, teaching and learning activities.