The Learning Resource Centre primarily serves the ISB community of faculty, staff, students, families, alumni and also limited services are open to the external users.


The information about all circulation transactions such as loan, reservation, renewal and fine payment of individuals can be viewed using online catalogue (Hyderabad) and (Mohali). It will also help you to check the availability and renewal of resources.

LRC has a vast collection of books (print & online), journals (print & Online) and AV resources which supports the needs of various users of ISB community and External members. Users must produce a valid identity card for all circulation services.

Knowledge Management

LRC actively collect the research and working papers of ISB faculty & researcher to maintain an archive of intellectual capital created at the School. Digital E-Prints Services (DESI) is an open access repository of faculty research publications to create visibility of research work carried out by ISB faculty. LRC also manage the electronic submission of dissertations and theses submitted by FPM students to be published on the ProQuest ETD platform and making it available to the research community.

Course Support

LRC staff works closely with faculty and ASA team to deliver the required cases, articles, book chapters, simulations, online courses, multimedia etc. by obtaining copyright permissions from respective copyright holders following the set standards to maintain copyright compliance for e-course pack compilation.

LRC acts as a custodian and ensures copyright compliance for the materials used in various academic courses and executive education programmes across the school level. LRC ensures compliance to copyrights of both internal and external publications, internal ISB publications of data and research papers are archived using E-Prints. The usage of external copyrighted materials range from Harvard Business School case studies, teaching materials besides case studies, book chapters of leading business schools and academic publishers are in strict adherence to the copyrights policy paying the requisite royalty fee to the concerned based on the usage.

Proactive Information Services

Based on the current activities and needs for the on-going programmes, the LRC offers context-based services to the target user group from time to time.

Current Awareness Services

> Display of newly added books and periodicals

> Display of announcements received from various institutions regarding the conferences, workshops, seminars etc.

Research Assistance

LRC helps faculty, research scholars and staff with data retrieval and analysis for their research/curriculum needs. LRC staff will assist in collecting and collating data from diverse sources ranging from historical data to current updates, market data to literature surveys or customized information services based on their need.

The services include:

> Data gathering, analysis, and management

> Training for database usage

> Literature reviews, providing a list of reference articles, links, etc. along with abstracts

> Bibliographic reference

Users may submit their requests in person or by e-mail to (Hyderabad), (Mohali). 

Photocopy Services

Photocopying of materials are available to both internal and external users for personal use as per the fair use of copyright policy.

> Users are allowed to take only one chapter of a book or an article from a journal for educational or research purpose.

> Users are solely responsible for upholding copyright laws and Library is not responsible for any Copyright violation by users.