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Accessibility, Affordability and Sustainability: Changing the Paradigms of Success

Even as the scientific community holds its breath over reports of an impending third COVID-19 wave, countries, communities and businesses have been learning and relearning the art of adapting and pivoting. As a species, we have been forced to question if we can expect and be expected to function when everything around us has changed. While the pandemic is affecting everyone, is it affecting everyone equally?

It is no longer enough for businesses to measure unit economics and chase profit margins. Instead, they will need to consider and support employees, customers, consumers, stakeholders and investors at every step of the way.

In this issue, we explore how the facets of ‘accessibility, affordability and sustainability’ inform business decisions for better outcomes—for people and the planet. Here’s taking a closer look at the healthcare sector:

  • What do future leaders in the healthcare delivery space need to look out for as the industry undergoes a digital revolution?
  • Sustained research in the life sciences helps us understand the heterogeneity of a disease. Read how biobanks can digitalise health data and deliver advanced care.
  • As doctors today rethink their roles, how would strong teams and knowledge-sharing be crucial in delivering patient-centric care?
  • Newer tech-based business models in healthcare are transforming critical care. Listen to this podcast to learn how speciality healthcare can help patients remotely.

Also, don’t miss our line-up showcasing perspectives beyond the numbers and virtual screens:

  • How can you delight your customers and keep them loyal? Learn about tailor-making customer journeys in the growing e-commerce space in India.
  • With ‘work from anywhere’ becoming a reality, employer-employee relations have undergone a big change. Read here about the new dynamics of people-centric organisations.  
  • How should high-performing individuals lead, work and communicate in a virtual workplace? Read our Case in Point with recommendations on adapting presence for a post-COVID-19 world.
  • Can brands inspire consumers to make conscious choices? This podcast explores how a philosophy of sustainability offers limitless possibilities
  • Read The Data Story to know about new ways of giving in India via donation-based crowdfunding platforms.

Thank you for reading and listening!

Stay safe!

Professor Saumya Sindhwani
Executive Director - Centre for Learning and Management Practice

Expert Speak


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