Industry Talks

To encourage interaction between our students, academia, and Industry Leaders in Data Science and Analytics, IIDS organizes ‘Data/ IndustryTalks’ periodically. Data Talks is a series of webinars conducted by subject matter experts from the industry.

Evolution of GenAI in Media and Entertainment Industry

Hari Prasad Reddy

AI in Sustainability

Kapil Mahajan

ESG Analytics & AI to Drive Business Impact and Unlock Opportunities

Atul Tripathi

Learning and Navigating the Analytics Landscape

Snehith Allamraju

Generative AI: Risks and Countermeasures

Brijesh Singh

From Data to Dollars: How to fully realize the promise of AI for your Business

Anuj Gupta

A New Era of Artificial Intelligence

Preeti Suryaprakash

Artificial Intelligence and the creation of data spaces: the privacy implications of a data-sharing world

Brijesh Singh

Pitfalls on only data driven ML approach

 L. Ravichandran

AI driven decision making: An opportunity amidst a crisis

Sudipta Ghosh

Data, Digitization & Technology

Dr. Subhajit Bose

Marketing & Analytics

Sakhee Dheer

Drive Through Clinics for COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Modelling, Simulation and Application

Dr Ali Asgary

The AEye Project

Dr. Anthony Vipin Das