Purti Jain


Purti is an Econ graduate from Miranda House, but photography is her passion. She likes portrait photography and has a knack for capturing the heart and soul of historical places, particularly in the enchanting lanes of Old Delhi. She can find tranquility amid chaos, skillfully transforming bustling scenes into serene compositions.

Her passion extends beyond the click of the shutter; she's spends time at post-processing, using her editing skills to reveal the authentic beauty in every photograph.

Her vision for the year is to help her peers to explore their creativity and hone their photography skills.

Siddharth Putuvely

Vice President

Siddharth Putuvely, our Vice President, brings a rich and creative background to the Photography Club. His journey into the world of visuals began at a young age when he started taking photographs of friends and nature. In addition to his photography skills, he also learned Photoshop to create fun and quirky pictures.

Siddharth's passion for photography has been a constant companion. Whether it's capturing the essence of moments or experimenting with creative editing, he has an eye for turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary visuals.

In his free time, Siddharth enjoys sports, socializing, and honing his photography skills.