Eligibility & Selection


If you are an early stage registered start-up (that is, in operations for more than 12 months), leveraging technology as the core product or service to address pressing challenges faced by the citizens of India, you are welcome to apply for the programme.

Interested entrepreneurs must complete and submit the application form by providing accurate information.  Applications will be screened for completeness and eligibility requirements. Shortlisted finalists would be invited for a business plan pitch and interview by a panel consisting of business experts, investors, ISB faculty & SAP team. 

Selection Criteria

The ISB- SAP JSE Programme will identify social enterprises on the basis of the following criteria: 

1. Team and Organisational Structure
  • Prior experience and domain expertise of Founder(s)
  • Dedicated focus on the venture applied for
  • Immediate future plans of Founder(s)/ Entrepreneur(s)
2. Innovation
  • Potential of broad idea and differentiation compared to other ventures working in the same sector
  • Innovative operational strategies to be adopted as part of the program
3. Social Impact
  • Overview of the socioeconomic challenge being addressed through the program/ venture
  • Communities and beneficiaries to be targeted
  • Current interventions in the area of interest
4. Scalability
  • Potential for growth and scale-up beyond current scope of the venture/ program
  • Ease of access to resources required for scale-up of intervention
5. Early Stage Operations
  • Duration of existence and traction received so far (start-ups less than 2 years in existence, having a minimum viable product and an existing base of paying customers)



To apply, please complete your application process at   www.f6s.com/jumpstartsocialenterprise/apply
You can register and create an account on the F6S platform using your Gmail/facebook/LinkedIn account. Your application gets saved automatically and you can update it as many times required until your final submission.