Bharti Institute of Public Policy aims to lead education and research in the domain of public policy. The institute stands tall as one of India’s eminent public policy think tanks’ engaging with eminent policy makers and providing them with critical, data driven evidence, research and analysis of relevant and critical concerns. Bharti Institute has partnered with the world-renowned Fletcher School. The Institute’s flagship program Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy (AMPPP) is an inter-disciplinary course that caters to mid-career government and private sector professionals.
The institute works on policy challenges across diverse domains, primarily Agriculture & Food, Environment, Education, Finance, Governance and Digital Identity.

Prof Ashwini Chhatre, Executive Director, Bharti Institute of Public Policy


  • Create top-quality education and research relevant for policy management
  • Train and develop leaders in formulation and execution of policy through world-class programmes
  •  Engage with stakeholders to effect public policy


To impact public policy by delivering cutting-edge education, research and engagement

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The Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy (AMP-PP), is the flagship program of Bharti Institute of Public Policy, and has been developed at ISB in consultation with one of the world’s leading public policy schools; the Fletcher School.

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Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy

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Asynchronous Training Courses

Parliamentary & Legislative Support Programme


Research is one of the pivotal objectives at Bharti Institute of Public Policy. The ultimate goal is to scrutinize the challenges of the contemporary policies, and provide recommendations based on rigorous and comprehensive data analysis.

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Project Initiatives

The Bharti Institute of Public Policy, in line with its mission to engage with stakeholders to impact public policy, undertakes commissioned projects in its focus areas viz. Governance, Food Policy, Education, Corporate Governance, Financial Sector Policy, and Energy. In the past, the Bharti Institute has worked on several projects with ministries in the Govt. of India, State Governments, UN agencies, Multilateral agencies, and Philanthropic Foundations. A glimpse of some of the past work can be found under the 'Policy Support' tab.

Outreach Activities

We host an array of events throughout the year from conferences, expert speaker sessions, seminars, workshops and social events amongst others. Events serve as platforms to engage stakeholders from the world of academia, government and public & private sector, creating bridges and an overarching atmosphere for better understanding & collaboration, and for genesis of newer ideas & thought trajectories.


Guided by an advisory council of eminent policymakers, academicians, industry leaders and commentators, the small and tightly-knit but growing team at the Bharti Institute enjoys working on research and policy issues.


The Bharti Institute of Public Policy aims to create top-quality education and research relevant for policy management, while engaging with eminent policy makers to produce data-driven research framework and analysis of pressing social, economic, administrative and political concerns. The Institute offers full-time and part-time internship opportunities to students for gaining career-enhancing or experiential insights.

Thought Leadership

Excellence leads to expertise, which is sustained by knowledge sharing and continuous learning. At the Bharti Institute of Public Policy, we believe in striving for more, and regularly share our insights into key policy domains at various intellectual congregations. 

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Bharti Institute of Public Policy

ISB faculty shares key policy recommendations to boost India's green hydrogen industry

In an opinion piece in Forbes India, Professor Anjal Prakash, Ivy Chaudhuri, and Chirag Singla deep-dive into how India can convert challenges into growth opportunities in the rapid adoption and spread of green hydrogen.

Jan 08, 2024


Bharti Institute of Public Policy

Despite complexities, integrating technology is crucial for ESG reporting: ISB faculty

ISB faculty Anjal Prakash emphasises in a co-authored opinion piece published in Forbes India how tech-driven interventions can provide organizations with a definitive approach to invest less time while generating high-quality, ethically-driven Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) reports.

Dec 15, 2023


Bharti Institute of Public Policy

Breakthroughs @COP28: Taking Stock of Climate Action With the Global Stocktake

The Agreement approved at the climate summit represents a major change by explicitly targetting fossil fuel usage.

Dec 14, 2023

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