Why Give

Rise to Raise

The Indian School of Business (ISB) is perhaps one of the largest and finest examples of philanthropic endeavour and impact in recent times.

Supported entirely by private corporations, foundations, and individuals from around the world, the ISB is a not-for-profit organisation. A world-class facility, global curriculum, top-notch faculty, and high-quality students have taken the ISB to new realms of recognition in just a short span. The impact in the real world is made through research which has impacted society, public policy and business and through the employment generation made possible by the immense success of our alumni either through their ventures or through growth of the companies they work for.

Yet this task can gain momentum only with support from organisations and business leaders with verve and vision - the ones who believe that institutions of higher learning have a multiplier effect.

In the coming years, we intend to accelerate our investments in our research by recruiting the best faculty and start new research initiatives. Furthermore, we plan to introduce disruptive offerings to our education programmes and continue to keep our world-class education accessible. To be resilient in times of crisis and disruptions, we must invest in building an endowment now. All this requires support from visionary leaders through philanthropic contributions.

Donor Impact

Lauras Labs

Laurus Labs

Dr. Satya Chava, CEO, Laurus Labs at the MOU signing ceremony where Laurus Labs committed to fund teaching excellence at ISB.


The NSE ISB Trading Lab

Established with the support of National Stock Exchange in 2014, provides ISB students with hands on trading experience and equip them with skills and knowledge required to understand the nuances of the financial markets.


The Digital Identity Research Initiative (DIRI)

Funded by Omidyar Network, DIRI is a great example of the impact created through a research grant. “Digital Transformation Of India Is Perhaps The Most Important Development Priority...... Our Work At DIRI Aims To Ensure Digital Identity Benefits All Stakeholders Of The Society And Create The Infrastructure To Make Data A Public Good.” Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry – Executive Director, DIRI.

Mohali Supporters

Research Centres and Institutes

The gift from the four supporters of Mohali campus, Mr. Analjit Singh, Mr. Rakesh Mittal, Mr. Sunil Munjal and Mr. Atul Punj, helped set up the Mohali campus and the four institutes at ISB.

Bajaj Auto Library

Bajaj Auto Library

Established with the support of Bajaj Auto Limited. The funding ensures access and availability of top tier journals and a good base of databases so that it leaves the scholars for research with no apprehensions about producing top quality work here.

Beneficiary Stories

- Visiting Faculty Scholarship Recipient

“It was sincerely honored for me to have been selected as a recipient of Visiting Faculty Scholarship. I was immensely happy to know the existence of such a fund for supporting international students across the world and this brings those aspirants one step closer to the goal. Receiving the scholarship surely pushed me back to challenge unexplored but potentially immense opportunity – learning in India. Also, I truly enjoy meeting and interacting with you. Thus, I feel nothing is enough to thank you for everything you bring me.” - Fumitaka Tanaka, PGP Co 2019

- Recipient of Alumni Endowment Fund Research Fellowship

“This is a tangible project that I have worked on after getting the grant. I have presented it to the RBI. When this was presented, they said that they felt this was going on but this was the first piece of research that has shown it.” - Prof. Krishnamurthy Subramanian

- Recipient of the Ramesh C Khanna Nurture India Scholarship

“The way this scholarship has helped me is that it has given me the opportunity to explore options that I wouldn't have considered otherwise. I am planning to apply for an international exchange programme. Apart from that, I'm less concerned about the additional expenses here. All this has made the experience more enriching than what it would have been otherwise. I am grateful to Amit Sir and ISB for this scholarship.” - Aayush Kedia, PGP Co 2019

Alumni Giving


It is an outstanding initiative by our alumni since endowments provide the most stable and sustainable source of funds for a school. The Alumni Endowment Fund is even more important since the overall endowment levels for the school is not currently at par with other top global business schools and this lays the groundwork for us to propagate this initiative.

Endowments are crucial for financial freedom and long-term sustainability of our activities. The Alumni Endowment Fund started with generous support from the various classes of PGP. The Alumni Endowment Fund supports tuition waivers and research fellowships at the school. The Fund has so far supported around 70 tuition waivers and 7 research fellows at the ISB.

Giving to the Endowment

Alumni Endowment Funds (AEF) is being developed by gifts generated by below means

Creating an Impact through Alumni Giving


Facilities created or renovated


Research fellowships granted

~5 k

Alumni have donated

~ ₹5

Crores as large gifts


Crores as collective gift from alumni


Programme supported


Crores in Alumni Endowment Fund


Scholarships granted


We are a not-for-profit organization registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013 (Section 25 of Companies Act 1956). Donations to ISB are exempt from tax under Section 80G and we are eligible to receive foreign contributions under FCRA. ISB recognizes all significant donations/contributions in the appropriate communication channels.

Ways To Give

Alumni Giving

ISB Alumni and Students can pay online through the alumni portal (Credit card, Debit Card and Bank Transfer)

For donors in the US

US tax residents may contribute to a US foundation and save tax. Contact us for details.

International Donors

ISB is eligible for foreign donations. To know more please contact us.

Faculty Contribution

The Visiting Faculty at the ISB have setup endowments to award tuition grant to international students and to support research activities at school.

In-Kind Contribution

In-kind  or cash contributions can be made to the ISB Well-wishers' Trust.

Our Donors

ISB graciously acknowledges the donors to whom we owe our existence and continued success. Our alumni community is especially thankful for your support.