PGP Suite

The various Post Graduate Programmes at ISB are designed to meet the needs of young professionals who enrol as full-time students, as well as mid-career and senior executives who want to learn in a more flexible environment.

 Advanced Management Programmes (AMPs)

These programmes ensure holistic learning for mid-career and senior professionals in the context of specific industries or functions. The students are chosen after assessing their existing domain expertise, workplace achievements, and desire to learn.

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral-level programmes at ISB are for professionals and academicians who want to enhance their understanding of business theory, and contribute to combining it with practice. As part of the academic work, complex business problems are addressed through cutting-edge research.

I-Venture Immersive (ivi)

I-Venture Immersive (ivi) is a 6-month full-time on-campus entrepreneurship programme at ISB, designed for first-time entrepreneurs to help them from the discovery of ideas to building a viable venture.