General Endowment


- General Endowment

Contributions to the General Endowment are the most valued contributions. The income earned from the endowments is used to fund research and helps us keep us our tuition affordable. It gives us the flexibility to invest the income earned in areas of priority to the school. Depending on the level of contributions, donors are recognised as Benefactors, Patrons or Sponsors. 

- Professorship

Faculty Chair honour outstanding, high performing teachers and scholars and provide them with the support and resources they need to achieve their goals as researchers and educators. ISB is committed to ensuring that we retain and reward those among our faculty who have earned a high degree of global recognition for their accomplishments.  We also seek to recruit leading faculty from India and around the world to our institution. Faculty Chair will allow us to fulfill both objectives. Faculty Chair signals the status of the Chair holder and are the highest honour the ISB can bestow upon faculty. They also serve an aspirational purpose, providing full professors with a target that will serve to motivate and enhance their efforts both as researchers and teachers. Typically the sponsors of these chairs are individuals and organisation who are thought leaders and like to associate with academic thought leadership.

- Infrastructure

Our two campuses in Mohali and Hyderabad are landmark structures, known for their architecture and sustainable practices. As we expand our programmes and faculty, we continuously invests in maintaining and upgrading its infrastructure and building new ones that benefits the entire ISB community. It is critical that we do not burden our student community with increased fees to support such infrastructure needs.

- Tuition Grants

The high cost and financial burden of a management education often puts it out of reach of many aspirants who have the potential to be future leaders. Financial burden on students often prevents them from following their intended career path and limits their potential to create broader impact. Tuition grants at ISB are a strong incentive and support to exceptionally talented and driven students who may otherwise not have the means or opportunity to follow their dreams to study at ISB. 

- Research Grants

Cutting edge research needs huge investments. Industry-academia partnerships help fund top quality research and create new knowledge that is used by industry and governments for their benefit. It often has a lasting impact on soceity and business. ISB welcomes grants which help fund such research.