Share Pledging and its Consequences : A Study of Indian Firms

Sep 08, 202118:00 - 19:15

The Centre released a White Paper titled "Share Pledging and its Consequences : A Study of Indian Firms” on September 8, 2021, in the presence of Dr Satyanarayana Chava, Laurus Labs Limited, Prof. Prasanna Tantri, Prof. Sougata Ray, Dr Nupur Pavan Bang, and Prof. Kavil Ramachandran, ISB. Full report can be accessed at

The speakers shared their experiences and views on the phenomenon of pledging. While pledging is largely castigated, it is quite popular in India. The report stresses that if used with restraint and responsibly, pledging can add value to the firm. The report calls for more nuanced studies on pledging to explore this anomaly contextually and to avoid painting all cases with the same brush.

Here is the link to the recording of the session -