Business and Policy Dialogue with Dr Karan Avtar Singh, IAS

By External Relations Dec 11, 2020

At the 2nd edition of ‘Business and Policy Dialogue’, Dr Karan Avtar Singh, IAS, Chairman, Punjab Water Regulation and Development Authority (PWRDA), Government of Punjab was invited as the guest speaker. Dr Anjal Prakash, Research Director and Adjunct Associate Professor, Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Indian School of Business discussed with Dr Singh about groundwater development, irrigation, agrarian distress in Punjab, rural electrification, need for groundwater policies, re-use of water for irrigation, water credits, role of regulators snd may other ralevant topics.

Dr Singh shared that PWRDA has adopted the latest of technologies in the water sector for detection and prevention of contamination of water and to increase water efficiency in agriculture and other sectors. As an important function, the Authority is carrying out surveys, investigations and research relating to conservation, usage and quality of water in the State. He also shared that the Authority has issued orders and guidelines for efficient use of water and to minimize wastage or misuse of water and to promote recycling and reuse of water.

The dialogue was organised on December 11, 2020 on the ‘Groundwater development, irrigation and agrarian distress in Punjab: Connecting the dots’.

The Business and Policy Dialogue is a collaborative initiative of the School’s External Relations, tying up with different internal stakeholders for each dialogue. These dialogues are useful for policy makers, academics, public policy students, practitioners and individuals who are keen on analytical information.