Gender Equity in Family Business Inevitable: Experts at ISB Roundtable

Nov 29, 2023

A Roundtable Discussion on Empowering and Enabling Women to Unlock their Leadership Potential brought together India’s prominent family business leaders at our Hyderabad campus. They brought to the fore their rich and varied expertise on how women in family business can address challenges related to leadership and pave the way for new growth models.  

Read an excerpt from the article in The Hindu Business Line: “The experts at the roundtable agreed that gender equity is not a choice; it is inevitable. The movement to achieve gender equity has begun. Progress is already happening in different spheres, globally as well as in India. To expedite this progress, strategic interventions in education, workplace policies, and cultural narratives must be implemented with precision, urgency, and in a way that is less painful for individuals, families, and businesses.”