Spatial and temporal patterns in forest plantations in India, 2018

By Mehta, Piyush., Basu, Shreya Mar 12, 2018

The title talks about the forest plantations that have taken place in India by the efforts of the government. It focuses on how these plantations are spread over a space and also over time. This was published as a data brief in the Bharti Institute of Public Policy research reports section. This brief was a part of a bigger project which was funded by Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI). The area of work primarily focuses on forests and climate change. The report emphasizes on 18448 plantations across ten major states undertaken during 2009-2015. It shows the number, area and cost of plantations across different plantation types. It also shows the number, area and expenditure on plantations across these ten states. The report states that there is great disparity in area, cost and number of saplings at the plantation level but on the other hand there is less disparity between states in terms of cost per hectare, saplings per hectare and cost per sapling.

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