About MIHM

The Max Institute of Healthcare Management (MIHM) is an interdisciplinary research centre that provides deep insights on healthcare delivery and management to policymakers, public institutions and corporates, and enables the creation of better health systems through the integrated elements of Research, Education and Outreach. It also works in the areas of healthcare innovation and technology 4.O pertaining to healthcare services & products

The core activities of the Max Institute of Healthcare Management include:

  • Research and Thought Leadership that provide insights to help design effective healthcare policy and program interventions
  • Education that prepares students to be exceptional contributors to the healthcare industry
  • Development of Pedagogical Tools to bring the latest innovation from the industry to our classroom
  • Outreach activities to converse with the government, corporates, foundations, students and alumni through speaker series, conferences and roundtables

Focus Areas

Managing Healthcare Delivery Systems

Financing & Public Policy

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Patient Centricity

Faculty at MIHM

People at MIHM