Research Reports

Identifying enablers and barriers for healthcare organizations to deliver equitable healthcare in a sustainable manner

India and many other emerging countries face an uphill task of providing healthcare on an equitable basis to all irrespective of their ability to pay. This is in stark contrast to many developed countries, where good healthcare is guaranteed for all its citizens. Barring a few exceptions, outside the realm of eyecare, there have been few success stories with regard to addressing the healthcare needs for other medical specialities. This report seeks to understand the barriers and enablers for providing equitable healthcare across various medical specialities. The insights have been garnered through primary research based on discussions with over 30 leaders spanning different organizations, medical specialities, and geographies in India. The key learning from this research is that it is possible to do good, while also doing well.

Impact: This study identifies acknowledging and measuring equity as one of the key aspects of equity in healthcare delivery. To deliver equitable healthcare, healthcare organizations need to recognize the inequities in the health of the communities and delivery of healthcare. Further, the inequities vary from one place to another.  
Theme: Promoting equitable healthcare in a sustainable manner
Funder: Ernst & Young as part of the EY-IEMS Grant 2018–2019
Authors: D V R Seshadri, Devendra Tayade, Prakash Satyavageeswaran, Thulasiraj Ravilla

Marketing Strategy for Telangana Sona Rice

Telangana Sona is a healthy variant of rice and is highly beneficial to all stakeholders involved - farmers, millers, and consumers. However, the rice currently has a small market and is primarily consumed within the State of Telangana. The Government for Telangana collaborated with the Indian School of Business to develop a proper branding and marketing campaign for Telangana Sona rice to bring it to end consumers and make it a staple diet. ISB conducted marketing research by interviewing different stakeholders, such as agricultural research scientists, millers, and consumers to understand rice consumption patterns. The study showed that Telangana Sona rice is popular solely in Telangana, with low awareness in other states. However, Telangana Sona’s awareness, even within the state, is significantly less than other rice varieties, such as Sona Masoori and Basmati, among others.

Impact: This study identifies two strong influencer channels - word-of-mouth through friends and family and product suggestions from Kirana stores. 

Authors: This Project Report is prepared by ISB’s PGP-2021 batch of Students - Shreeja Ashok Jamdar, Lakshmi Sisira Rk Yerraguntla, Abhishek Reddy Cholleti, Riya Kamal Bakliwal, Nikunj Jhunjhunwala, under the supervision of Professor Madhu Viswanathan as the lead professor and also with valued directions and inputs from Professor Manish Gangwar, Professor S Arunachalam, and Professor DVR Seshadri.