Speaker Session

Business, Ethics and Life with Professor D.V.R Seshadri

Thought Leadership Session on The changing face of healthcare post the COVID-19 pandemic

Thought Leadership Session on Preparedness of Healthcare for pandemics to come

Thought Leadership Session on Activities of Human Beings as Triggers of Recurring Pandemic

Thought Leadership Session on Impact of the Pandemic on Healthcare of the Population

Panel discussion on Agricultural Innovation and Consumer Market: Benefits and Challenges for Telangana Sona

Webinar on Is Your Marketing Organisation Ready For What Next

Knowledge Creation Seminar on Cross Selling B2B Service

Account Based Marketing

Marketing and Selling strategies in Turbulent Times

Do Activity Based Incentive Plan Works

Business Storytelling for Establishing Trust

B2B2C: The Collision of B2B and B2C Markets and the Implication for Marketers

Value Articulation

Customer Engagaement

Sales Incentives: Best Practices for Improving Business Results

Building Firewall of Customer loyalty

Creativity Vs Corona: How Innovative minds enlist to save humanity

Importance of selling mindset in an organisation

Account Based Marketing

B2B Sales in Digital Era

Personal Leadership

DNA of Happiness

Breathing Life Back into Businesses