JumpStartIndia@ISB: A one-stop portal for High-Frequency Indicators of India's economic recovery launched

By BIPP Team Aug 13, 2020

The high-frequency high-resolution indicators for monitoring India’s economic recovery were launched on 13 August 2020. The Bharti Institute of Public Policy (BIPP) under this project aims to monitor post-COVID economic recovery and will establish a mechanism to monitor progress in the short term through a series of high-frequency and high-spatial resolution indicators to inform decision-making and responding to new and emerging opportunities. The high-frequency indicators (HFI) are available on https://indiadataportal.com/jsi. The portal brings together several HFIs of India’s Economic Recovery to a common platform to enable a meaningful and real-time analysis of patterns of economic recovery.  The portal will provide journalists, citizens, and policymakers direct visual insights into important indicators at daily or monthly frequency in near-real-time and at district or state-level. As the economy recovers from the pandemic-induced lockdown, JSI@ISB is identifying and monitoring selected parameters that indicate change in the level of economic activity on the ground at a high spatial resolution. This would help governments and policy makers in their plans and decision making to get India back on track of economic growth in post COVID scenario.


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