ISB has a unique portfolio faculty model that has a mix of accomplished resident faculty and visiting faculty from our Associate Schools, such as the Wharton School, Kellogg School of Management, and London Business School.

Senior faculty members from our Associate Schools are designated as Area Leaders. They play a key role in the academic programmes and research at ISB. In consultation with the resident faculty, they actively engage in formulating the curriculum, attracting the best faculty, mentoring junior faculty, and providing direction to research. The school provides a vibrant research environment for and benefits from the visiting scholars it hosts every year.

Permanent faculty members at ISB have graduated from top universities. They have published in leading academic journals.

ISB has a tenure system, and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tenure Track Faculty

Applications are invited at all levels: Assistant, Associate and Full Professor. Applicants must have a PhD from a reputed institution, possess excellent research and teaching skills, and have the ability to produce scholarly work at the highest level. Applicants for senior positions must have published extensively in reputed academic journals such as those in the Financial Times list of top 50 journals.

Clinical Faculty

Applicants must have excellent teaching skills; and a record of writing for managerial or policy audiences, or senior-level experience in the industry, along with a desire to publish for such audiences.

For a list of the Area Leaders and Resident Faculty coordinators, click here