Strategic HRM elective in PGP

Students interested in Human Capital and Leadership can opt for the elective “Strategic Human Resource Management” offered by HC & LI. The course is aimed to interpret theory for real-world practice and is largely practitioner-oriented. Students wanting to advance their knowledge and skills in HR consulting, Line HR and People Manager roles will find the course useful. The course enables students to understand the implications of business plans for HR plans and learn to align HR strategies with Business strategies.

Other Courses

In addition, the following courses are being offered in the PGP suite.

Management of Teams & Organizations  PGP Chandrasekhar Sripada
Luis L Martins
Change Management PGP S Ram Narayan
Strategic Talent Management PGP Amit Jain Chauradia
Negotiation Analysis PGP Saumya Sindhwani
Managing Strategic Partnerships PGP Saumya Sindhwani
Managing and Developing Human Capital PGP MFAB Chandrasekhar Sripada
Effective People Management Skills PGPpro Chandrasekhar Sripada

Executive Education

In collaboration with the Centre of Executive Education (CEE), course modules are offered to middle and senior level leaders/executives from Business and Government across a number of areas like Personal leadership, Team & Organizational leadership, Change management, People Skills, and Mindfulness-based Leadership.