Research Grant Awards


S.No Project Title Principal Investigator/s
1 Infrastructure Development, Land Acquisition and Property Rights. Ashwini Chhatre Meenakshi Sinha & Shamil Khedgikar
2 Research Proposal-Impact of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Bitan Chakraborty, Sanjay Kallapur & Prasanna Tantri
3 Raging War for Talent: Implications for Human Capital Strategies in India Inc. Chandrasekhar Sripada
4 Changing Future of “Captives” in India: Implications for Jobs and Skills Chandrasekhar Sripada
5 Identifying enablers and barrirers for healthcare organizations to deliver equitable healthcare ina profitable and self-sustainable manner D.V.R. Sehshadri, R.D.Thulasiraj & Devendra Tavade
6 Banking the Unbanked:What do 255 Million New Bank Accounts reveal about Financial Access Shashwat Alok, Sumit Agarwal, Pulak Ghosh, Tomasz Piskorsk & Amit Seru
7 Demonetisation and Tax Aggression Shashwat Alok, Krishnamurthy Subramanian & Avantika Pal
8 Robots or Offshore? A Country-level Analaysis of the Use of Roboitcs and Offshoring on Domestic Employment Snehal Awate& Amit J. Chauradia
9 An Assessment of India’s GST reform using a macroeconomic framework” Parul Mathur
10 “Beyond Diversity: Hiring the Differently Abled as a Business Strategy Jayant Nasa, Prakash Satyavageeswaran