Projects Abstract


The Initiative for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS) invites research proposals every year from the faculty at the ISB and it awards grants to projects competitively selected by EY. These projects aim to enable industry to not only survive but flourish in the emerging economies. Therefore, all the research proposals and the selected projects focus exclusively on the challenges faced by the emerging markets.

Research Articles

Professor Anand Nandkumar, Professor Shantanu Dutta, and Nimay Srinivasan. " Change In Patent Regime And The Role of Branded And Generic Drugs On Price And Quantity: Evidence From The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 1995-2009", 2017
Rishtee Batra.,Tanuka Ghosha. "Self-Worth Restoration through High Intensity Sensory Consumption: An Arousal-Regulation Explanation", 2016
Amit Bubna.,Sisir Debnath. "Effect of Mobile Phones on Rural Economy", 2016
Professor Snehal Awate. "The expanding geography of emerging-industry innovation networks: the case of wind turbines", 2016