May 2021

  • May 20: Prof Avik Sarkar took part in AI Testing Conference organised by StepIn Forum
  • May 21: Dr Aarushi Jain conducted a session on Communication Skills and Career Prospects under the project 'Mentorship for Meritorious School Students' (JSI) for Class 12th students of five meritorious schools.
  • May 24: Prof Avik Sarkar presented the Indian perspective on Artificial Intelligence and AI Ethics at an event organised by United Nations in India and Jindal Global University.
  • May 25: Prof Anjal Prakash joined the Editorial Board of Journal PLOS Climate, an open science journal that aims at empowering urgent action against climate change.

June 2021

  • June 3: Prof Anjal Prakash moderated the 'Business and Policy Dialogue' on ' Climate Change and Glaciers', jointly organised by the Indian School of Business and the British Deputy High Commission in Chandigarh. The session included panellists and speakers from around the world discussing important aspects of climate change, business environments and sustainability.
  • June 7: Prof Ashwini Chhatre, Dr Aarushi Jain and Ms Deepti Soni conducted sessions for online course ‘Better Reporting on Food and Agriculture’, which was launched as part of the collaboration between India Data Portal, IndiaSpend and Gramener. In asynchronous modules, Dr Aarushi Jain apprises participants of the course design and structure, while Prof Ashwini Chhatre and Ms Deepti Soni elaborate upon the state of agriculture and agricultural policies in India, and on India Data Portal datasets and its uses, respectively.
  • June 20: Prof Avik Sarkar spoke at the PikTale Influencers Summit 2021 and was listed among its top global influencers
  • June 22: Prof Avik Sarkar and Dr Aarushi Jain attended the virtual workshop-cum-consultative session on ‘National Programme on Artificial Intelligence’.  Its primary goal was to discuss the insight and way forward for the NPAI, initiated by MeitY.
  • June 25: Prof Avik Sarkar took part in the AI Conclave 2021 as a panellist. The conclave was organised jointly by Dell Technologies, Intel and Microsoft.

July 2021

  • July 3: Prof Avik Sarkar co-chaired ISB's session 'Factfulness: A data-driven approach to Impact' which moderated around the use and role of data in the impact ecosystem.
  • July 6: As a panellist, Senior Research Analyst Sridhar Kundu presented his research study on the ‘Impact of Fiscal Policies on Income Distribution in India’ at World Congress organised by International Economic Association. The Congress aimed to discuss Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Poverty in Southeast Asia.
  • July 16: Sridhar Kundu delivered a keynote address as a resource person at International Conference on Self Reliant India by Indore Institute of Law.