Call for Research Papers 2024

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC/Code) stands as a pivotal milestone in the Indian financial landscape, revolutionizing the resolution framework for insolvent entities. The IBC provides for a comprehensive legal framework to address financial distress and promote the timely resolution of stressed assets. It emphasizes a creditor-driven insolvency resolution process, facilitating a transparent and time-bound mechanism for distressed businesses. Over the years, the IBC has earned its place as one of the most significant pieces of legislation in recent times. As the IBC continues to evolve, it becomes imperative to delve deeper into its intricacies, exploring novel perspectives and insights through rigorous research.

Scholars and practitioners engaging in research contribute to the development of best practices, offer solutions to emerging challenges, and unravel the complexities associated with insolvency proceedings. A robust body of research not only informs legal and financial professionals but also empowers policymakers to refine and strengthen the legislative framework. This Conference seeks to be a platform for scholars, researchers, and industry experts to exchange ideas, share cutting-edge research findings, and collectively contribute to the academic discourse surrounding the insolvency and bankruptcy regime.

Important dates

Proposal submission January 15, 2024
Acceptance/ Rejection notification January 31, 2024
Submission of full papers April 15, 2024
Final paper acceptance/ rejection notification May 15, 2024
Presentation of the paper July 2 - 3, 2024
Submission of revised paper July 31, 2024


Conference will be held physically at the Hyderabad campus of Indian School of Business, from 2nd July to 3rd July, 2024.

Topics for the Conference

This Conference is an opportunity to understand the importance and impact of IBC in its totality through the multi-disciplinary research papers. Research that aims to understand the legal, economic, financial, behavioural and management aspects of the IBC are welcomed. A field wise classification of potential research topics under the Indian insolvency and bankruptcy space is indicated in IBBI’s Research Initiative Guidelines available at the website of the IBBI. Several studies maybe inter-disciplinary in nature hence cannot be isolated to fall under a single field of study and researchers are encouraged to explore the interdisciplinary nature as well.

Conference language

The Conference proceedings will be in English; no simultaneous translation will be available.

Conference Team

  • Prof. Sanjay Kallapur, Professor, Accounting, ISB Hyderabad
  • Prof. Hariom Manchiraju, Associate Professor, Accounting, ISB Hyderabad
  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Shukla, Executive Director, IBBI
  • Mr. Shiv Anant Shanker, Chief General Manager, IBBI
  • Ms. Pooja Singla, Manager, IBBI


The Conference is open to individuals from all disciplines interested and involved in insolvency and bankruptcy process and its multi-disciplinary issues. Conference organisers encourages, professionals and scholars to participate and present their papers. There is no participation fee for the selected paper presenters and invited guests. Everyone else who is interested in attending the conference is requested to register at the link provided below. The registration fee is ₹ 2,000. Insolvency Professionals are entitled to claim CPE hours as per the Insolvency and 3 Bankruptcy Board of India (Continuing Professional Education for Insolvency Professionals) Guidelines, 2019.

The registration link for the event is as under:


Conference facilities and Accommodation

All the registered participants will be given conference materials, food and snacks for two days. Accommodation will be available at the campus only for the selected paper presenters.

Research scholarship

A limited funding (₹ 10,000 consolidated per research paper) is available for Ph.D. (Doctoral) scholars who are currently working on insolvency and bankruptcy topics associated with universities and institutes. Those who wish to avail the funding are requested to write to research@ibbi.gov.in. The interested Ph.D. students will have to submit the following documents.

a) Ph.D. enrolment letter on college/ university letter head duly signed by the Ph.D. student and the supervisor. The enrolment letter should state your full name and details of the Ph.D. course being pursued. It should be duly stamped with the university seal.

b) A No objection letter on university letterhead duly signed by head of department with university seal.

The sum shall be awarded on completion of the Conference; and meeting all submissions as per timelines.

Data sharing for research

The IBBI disseminates data and information for researchers and other stakeholders at regular intervals on its website in downloadable format. IBBI also promotes its research endeavour through several of its publications. Researchers may refer to the same for research articles in the insolvency space. Data pertaining to various processes under IBC can also be found in these publications. IBBI also aims to support researchers with any additional data not found in the public domain subject to certain restrictions. The researchers may contact IBBI about the same by writing to research@ibbi.gov.in.

Submission Procedure

Interested applicants wishing to present original research should send a maximum 500-1000 words research proposal to research@ibbi.gov.in. The research proposal must contain:- (a) Title of the paper; (b) Full names of the authors and affiliations (maximum 2 authors); and (c) Email id and contact numbers of the authors. The proposal should include the theories/issues, research methodology, data sources and analytical tools to be used.

On approval of the proposal, the applicants will be required to submit their full research paper in 8000-12000 words in English. Authors should ensure that the paper is based on research work that is original. The paper must avoid plagiarism in all and any form. The paper must be in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and should follow Bluebook 21st edition citation format. Around 20-25 papers will be selected for presentation at the Conference. The decision of the Conference Committee, in this regard, shall be final.

After the Conference, the authors are expected to submit a final paper that gives due consideration to all comments and feedback received during the Conference. Presenters, if they so wish, would be free to get the work published in any journal with appropriate citation.


For any further query/ information please reach us at:

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