I am associated with ISB, an internationally top-ranked institution, for the past 15 years, and interestingly I never entered a college in my life.

Most of my colleagues don’t know that I started working when I was 18 and completed my undergrad and postgrad through distance education. I had heard a little about ISB before though understanding of a Global Business School concept was nil. When I got to know that I need to attend an interview at ISB, I was very excited and, like any other person, googled about ISB, and I still remember the day I had my interview at AC1 CY that was hardly for 10 mins. When I received the offer letter, I really couldn’t believe and that was the start of a beautiful journey of learning at ISB.

I joined ISB as Faculty Secretary in December 2005. The school was celebrating 5 years when I joined, and I still remember how much I enjoyed the celebrations.

Being a faculty secretary for 2.5 years helped me interact with some of the outstanding ISB faculty. I still remember when for PGP Co2007, we use to go to every class with a digital camera to take a video byte and mark the attendance.

Faculty and students would come up with different poses for the video 😊, one of my most memorable KRA working as a faculty secretary.

I still remember the HR inception programme by Dean Ajit and Savita Mahajan when I got to know the thought process of having an institution like ISB in India and Hyderabad. I envied the founding staff members as they joined much before us and contributed to building the brand. I have huge respect for them.

I moved to Student Engagement Applied Learning (SEAL) from ASA in 2009. My transformation began in SEAL, where every day is a new learning experience in a fantastic team led by Shiv Kumar.

I enjoy interacting with the young and diverse minds of the carriers of brand ISB, the students. It has been a self-developing and growing experience over the years.  

ISB gave me some of the best memorable moments of my life that I could not have dreamt of otherwise.

  • Hoisting the national flag during Independence Day in the year 2019 – goosebumps is the only feeling.
  • Never thought that I would get to see and listen to the President of the United States live. When then-President George Bush visited the campus, I was overwhelmed by my friend's and family members' reactions.
  • Tree plantation – can anyone even think of having a plant growing in your name? Yes, this happens only in ISB and is one of the best memories of life.
  • The fun during competitions as part of the ISB day celebrations every year – cheering the team, winning trophies, and interacting with the ISB community across all the departments.
  • Attending numerous sessions of the corporate leaders, politicians, Bollywood stars, and music concerts.
  • Spending time in Atrium, walk around the beautiful campus, looking at peacocks and the birds of ISB.
  • Attending CBP classes delivered by our eminent faculty and getting recognized as 'Certified Business Professional' by the school.

As I complete 15 beautiful years with ISB, I want to thank every ISB family member for being part of my fantastic journey. Some notable mentions Thank you, Indira, because of whom I am in ISB. Thank you, Sutapa, my first reporting manager from whom I learnt how to remain calm.

Thank you, Ashalata & Kumar Chunduri, for the guidance provided during my tenure at ASA.  A special mention to a person with full of energy and ideas – Shiv. Thank you, Shiv, for motivating me to take up new challenges.

My family at work – Team SEAL😊. I am lucky to be part of this ever enthusiastic and energetic team. Thank you, team.  Last but not least, my family. I want to thank my family for standing with me during this journey.  

It is indeed an honour for me to have completed 15 years, balance work, life, and family. ISB helped me balance all aspects of life and gave me respect and pride.  Now, I wish to see my daughter as a proud ISBian a few years from now (fingers crossed!). 

- Anitha Pothini is Senior Manager Student Engagement & Applied Learning at ISB