It all began in June 2005 where I joined WCED and then moved to ICREI along with CFI. After handling several crucial responsibilities at these centres, I was given an opportunity to work with Faculty & Research Department, which is now Faculty Development Office (FDO), and this gave me excellent exposure working with world class faculty, visiting scholars in growing up the ladder and taking up more responsibilities.

I also have the privilege of organising several prestigious international conferences, taking up ownership, interacting with key panellists and facilitators. Along with several other important events, I also had an opportunity to represent ISB twice during faculty felicitation.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Deans, Faculty, my HoDs, my team, colleagues from various departments for their support and encouragement throughout my journey at ISB, which is successfully continuing.

The beauty of greenery, exclusive ISB flora, peacocks, superbly managed facilities, and the excellent work culture continue to inspire me to enjoy my work.

I look forward to gaining more learning experience from school.

- Bharathi Satyanarayana is Senior Manager at Faculty Development Office