As ISB enters its 20th year, I have completed 15 years with the School. The 'ISB Day' is a celebration of how the School has redefined management education, setting new benchmarks over the years, making all of us proud of belonging to this awe-inspiring institution.


"Fantastic Fifteen'- This is how I would like to describe my journey with ISB to date. Indeed, time flies fast, and I am yet to absorb that it has been 15 years since I stepped into the campus in June 2005.   

As I look back, I see so many factors that keep me excited about being a part of this institution, and I will try to share some of them here. The best part about ISB is that one hand; it gives you exposure to the best of people and practices and, on the other hand, allows you to experience, experiment, learn and grow.  The result is that you focus on scoring self- goals most of the time.

I have been privileged to have played an important role in laying the foundation for international placements at ISB, bringing in top global recruiters who had previously never hired from India.  As of date, the relationships with our industry partners – International and Domestic have only grown stronger over the years.

When we see our alumni sharing their successes from across the world, it is a matter of pride for us at ISB, but personally, it gives me a tremendous sense of fulfilment.

Learning takes on a new meaning at ISB, it is never-ending, and it is up to you to soak in as much as possible. The external and internal learning opportunities are immense.  The School has given me the platform to meet and connect with global CEOs and senior management executives. Interacting with them is an experience in itself. As a staff, we have the opportunity to be part of the various conferences the School hosts, thereby enhancing our understanding of multiple sectors and the practical relevance of what's happening and its impact.

As a part of its People Practices, ISB mandates its staff to upskill themselves continually.  Under the Learning Initiative, it nominates staff members to 'audit' the various programmes that it offers. I was nominated for the ISB NUS General Management Program. I was placed in a class of highly competitive professionals from corporates and entrepreneurs in India and the APAC region. Going back to Class was tough, but it sharpened my edges towards the end and made me an ISB CEE alumnus.

On-campus, imagine interacting with hundreds of students years after years, from diverse backgrounds and views. The exposure and insights that one gain by just spending time listening to them are unbeatable.  Even coffee- table chats with our faculty give unbiased and innovative opinions on everything that matters, grounded on their research.

If you thought peer learning was only for students, then come to the CAS Office, where we discuss, debate, argue, and struggle. Still, in the end, the team delivers an 'Exceeded Expectations' outcome year on year, which makes everything worthy of 'party-time.'  

What I am today is not just because of my efforts but, most importantly, because of the support and encouragement that I have received from everyone around me. I have been fortunate to have the support of all our Deans, my HODs, our faculty members, my colleagues at the Career Advancement Services Dept. including those who moved on, colleagues from other departments- part and present, friends, and alumni. 

My thank you would not be complete without mentioning the good wishes of leaders and friends from the industry and embassies who opened doors and extended their support in so many ways to make this an enriching and amazing journey.

ISB is more than a workplace; it is a home away from home. It grows on you and becomes a part of your identity and your family. The campus's natural surroundings, early morning or late evening walks with peacocks, pea-hens, and egrets taking a stroll on the lawns is an amazing experience. ISB is an experience in itself – one that I continue to be proud of!

K Shrinivas Hari,
Sr. Associate Director at Career Advancement Services (CAS)