I have been associated with this wonderful institution for the last 15 years. It feels like these years have passed in a moment. I still remember the day when I first came to this place for an interview. I was flattered with the beauty of the "State of art campus" like every person. Little did I know then that the beauty of this Institution is much beyond the ambiance and aesthetics. I made a career shift from Finance to Academic Services and Administration when I joined ISB. This Institution had given me multiple opportunities to take up challenging roles and grow along with the organisation.

Back in 2005, we were around 70 to 80 employees and were like a family. This place was home after home. I remember the coffee time chats, which were the stories of how this institute was formed, how the first few employees strived hard to build the standards and set them high to make it a world-class institution.

Every employee's main motive here is to keep and maintain the service standards as high as possible and ensure a WOW feeling to all the stakeholders. Though I was not in the school in 2001-02, I am well aware of the travel of ISBians from Quiet lands of IIIT campus to the present campus in 2001. Such was the bond that all employees shared like a family.

It's a great feeling to be part of this prestigious institution, which grooms future leaders. ISB was built to be an unprecedented institution in India's education sector, and I am fortunate to be associated with and watch it grow in all these years. The achievements of the schools have been incredible in these 20 years. I am sure ISB will scale to greater heights in the years to come.


- Sree Lalitha
Senior Associate Director Faculty Alignment and Registrar's Office at ISB
Date of Joining  - November 14, 2005