ISB Women

ISB  has been working towards advancing the cause of women in business and contributing towards creating a more equitable workplace. In the flagship programme - PGP, we've ramped up the percentage of women students to nearly 40%.

We, at the School, are committed to increasing this number in the years to come. Our women alumni are now a part of different industries around the globe and some of them are already in senior leadership positions. As they further strive towards making their presence felt in the corporate world, the need to navigate through various challenges in both professional and personal space only increases.

Hence came the thought to provide a learning platform for our women alumni to learn from leaders who have successfully addressed various challenges and made an impact in both corporate and social space. This series aims at providing support and camaraderie in addition to advice and networking to women alumni.

ISB Women is a three-pronged approach to Empower, Support, and Inspire, each other through a series of workshops and webinars. These sessions will help you understand and tackle internal & external challenges faced at different stages of your career.

ISB Women Launch Video

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ISB Women