11th Annual Events

Theme: Future of Business Libraries: issues and challengesMacquarie University LibraryTheme: Future of Business Libraries: issues and challenges

Macquarie University Library
Sydney, NSW Australia
September 23-25, 2015
Host: Houmphanh Oudomlith [Discipline Group Leader]

As you might know there have been at least two business school libraries closed or drastically downsized lately. There are huge issues & challenges for us to stay relevant in the coming years. eBooks V collections of hard copies. Declining book loan figures. Students being fed their readings on learning management systems. Electronic databases that once needed expertise to search now have search interfaces that make it easy to find relevant results. Management of electronic collections transferred to IT personnel. Library reading/study areas converted to Learning Commons and managed by other departments. These are but just a few of the issues that affect us as library and information services professionals and our futures.

As per tradition members will need to do updates & new members make presentations. We shall also be asking for short submissions on the above theme. Please start thinking how you may contribute to the meeting.


  1. Case-Based Learning
  2. MultiMedia & Video Learning
  3. Computer & Offline Simulations
  4. Teaching Tools
  5. Interactive Lectures

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