Solved real-world problems of the healthcare ecosystem at AMPH

Karan Dave, a healthcare consultant, shares his journey of transformation from being a science graduate to becoming the facility director at Health City Cayman Islands and his work as a healthcare consultant now. Karan is an alumnus of AMPH Co 2017.

On his current work and profession

I am a healthcare consultant based in the Caribbean region who is constantly exploring avenues to improve the patient experience while maximizing the shareholders’ value in the company. I work directly with client leaders and frontline operators to drive change that is critical to the successful realization of goals. My engagements are typically focused on growth solutions that leverage cutting–edge assets and expertise, revenue cycle management capabilities across the value chain to ensure maximum value capture, and pricing capabilities that enable providers to excel along the full managed care.

On the turning point in your career

It happened when I decided to leave the corporate office and join the flagship hospital of Narayana Health as a Lead, Operations. It was this stint at a 600–bed multispecialty hospital that allowed me to work with frontline operators. I was also a part of an exclusive Operational Improvement Engagement with McKinsey & Co. where I could create, recreate, and control processes that directly impacted the clinical, operational and financial outcomes of the unit.

On taking up management education

I was in the second year of graduation when I was exposed to the concept of business behind the medicine. After all, people will always need medical treatment and it is a noble industry. This led me to pursue a Masters in Hospital Administration from IIHMR Jaipur, followed by the Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare at ISB. While I already had the MHA degree, the AMPH provided a comprehensive outlook into the world of business. Sitting in the classroom again was altogether a different experience this time as the students had decades of experience in various segments of healthcare ecosystem, and this allowed deeper simulation of real-world problem-solving.

On opportunities post AMPH

While I was pursuing AMPH at ISB, I got elevated to the post of Facility Director at Narayana Health’s flagship hospital – Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bengaluru. During my stint there, I managed other network hospitals and clinics with P&L responsibility. I was also staged at the then-new acquisition of the group in the Delhi–NCR region to drive ‘change management’ before moving to NH’s only overseas JCI–accredited facility in the Cayman Islands as its Director of Operations. Here, I was involved in developing building blocks for achieving budgeted revenues, cost and contribution lines for the unit while being responsible for translating corporate strategies into well-defined operational plans.

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