Investing and Financing Opportunities in Sustainability

Dec 22, 202116:00 - 17:00

Interest in investing based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) has gained momentum in recent years in developed as well as emerging economies.ESG or sustainable investing has the capacity to generate higher long-term risk-adjusted returns and foster a culture of inclusive capitalism. Many research studies have explored the interlinkage of corporate performance, sustainable value creation and ESG. Join this interactive webinar to understand the best practices in sustainable investing for corporates and investors.

Welcome Address:

Mr. Ravi Varanasi, Group President and Chief Business Development Officer, NSE

Introductory Remarks:

Dr. Tirthankar Patnaik, Chief Economist, NSE

Guest Speaker:

Prof. Shivaram Rajgopal, Kester and Byrnes Professor of Accounting and Auditing at Columbia Business School


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