CII FBN - 6th Next Generation Annual Convention

Dec 15, 202014:15 - 15:30Hyderabad (Virtual)

Professor Kavil Ramachandran and Dr Navneet Bhatnagar were invited as Eminent Speakers in the virtual session - "Getting the Next-Gen Leadership Ready for Uncertain Times" at the 6th Next Generation Annual Convention of CII-FBN India Chapter. Mr. Pawan Agarwal (Deputy MD, Dainik Bhaskar Group) and Ms. Ramya Bharathram (Executive Director and CFO, Thirumalai Chemicals Limited) were the co-panelists in the session. The panel discussed new-age capabilities next-generation leaders need to build successfully navigate their family businesses through the challenges of an uncertain future. The speakers underscored the importance of obtaining a world-class education and gaining outside work experience. The speakers also emphasized the significance of transmission of family values across generations and the ability to adapt to the fast-changing business environment.