Building a Global Indian Company : Learnings from the Growth Journey of Dr Reddy's Laboratories Limited - Distinguished Guest Dialogue Session

Feb 19, 202118:00 - 19:00Hyderabad

Mr Prasad shared his experiences of leading the journey of Dr Reddy's Laboratories from a local medium sized pharmaceutical to a US $ 2.3 billion multidivisional global organisation within a short span of 25 years while practicing high level of professionalisation and excellent corporate governance  during the session

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Key Learnings: 

  • Sharing his thoughts on appointing a non-family member as the company's CEO Mr. Prasad said, "We were looking for an experienced professional who understands the Indian mindset and has a good track record of managing large-scale pharmaceutical operations. Erez Israeli had the right profile required to lead the company. I and Erez work closely and I ensure that everybody works in good coordination."
  • On the involvement of next-generation family members in the company, Mr. Prasad said, "We are training our children to be responsible shareholders. Right now there is only one next-generation member working in the company. Maybe more of them may join the company in the future but they will have to join the management team and if they prove themselves, they may progress to the leadership position."
  • On how to develop a Values-led organisation, Mr. GV Prasad said, "You can not preach values. The most important thing is to live and practice values. Then you select your team with the right values. When you lead by example and values get reflected in your decisions and actions, they percolate through the entire organisation."