Panel Discussion: Remote Work & Employee Productivity - The Way Forward

Nov 19, 202015:00 - 16:00Virtual

The prolonged period of the lockdown has changed the way we work, view productivity, and manage our well-being. The panel discussion brings together leaders from industry, allow for diverse perspectives and showcase thought leadership to the industry.

Our recent study on #AI and the Future of Work has impelled us to extend the discussion about remote work and address the gaps in prior work and advance our understanding of such arrangements. Specifically, we brought industry-specific perspective on how two important indicators of remote work efficacy - employee productivity and isolation - vary across jobs that differ in the need for human proximity and, therefore, exposure to social distancing policies.

Key Takeaways:
-How to effectively track employee productivity?
-Is remote work cost-effective for certain occupations and sectors?
-Effecting a robust policy framework to facilitate remote work efficacy.