The webinar on Fintech 2.0, hosted by the ISB Center for Business Innovation at the Indian School of Business, featured speakers Shashwat Alok, Associate Professor, Finance, ISB and Souparno Bagchi, COO of BalanceHero India. Professor Alok highlighted India's leadership in Fintech driven by open banking and digital infrastructure like UPI. Souparno discussed BalanceHero's role in payments and digital lending, leveraging data from payments for customer acquisition and personalized financial solutions. They emphasized how digital public infrastructure (DPI), including UPI and Aadhaar, has catalysed Fintech innovation, expanded credit access and fostering inclusive financial ecosystems. The conversation also covered the evolving payment landscape, regulatory challenges, and the importance of collaboration between banks and Fintech companies. Discussions on responsible fintech practices, privacy concerns, and the role of blockchain technology underscored the potential growth of fintech in India, highlighting the need for domain expertise and consumer protection in this dynamic sector.