ISB Centre for Business Innovation conducted a webinar on Intangibles – The Brave New World allowing participants for an exclusive opportunity to interact with pracademics Rajendra Srivastava, Executive Director, ISB Centre for Business Innovation and Anup Srivastava, Canada Research Chair and Full Professor, Haskayne School of Business, Calgary. The session witnessed great participation from Corporates, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders across the globe on August 1st. 
 Participants were introduced to the concepts of 'Intangibles'. The key takeaways were - 
 1. The growing difference between a stock's market value and book value can be attributed to the increasing recognition and significance of intangible assets in today's economy, companies rely more on intangibles to drive growth and competitiveness. 
 2. How brands can leverage their intangible assets to create more financial value by focusing on product, process, and business model innovation. 
 3. How most valuable companies across sectors invest in intangibles like human capital, brand, technological ecosystem and customer which makes all the difference in their value. 
 4. How intangible assets help a regional organization expand globally and perform based on the factors like customer acquisition and pricing strategy. 
  5. Why should organizations have ‘An India Strategy’ – understanding the concept that the value of any organization depends on how it is going to perform in future, which is not only dependent on brand, networks and intellectual property but also which/what markets its serving. 

The YouTube link for the 1st August Webinar - Intangibles - The Whole New World