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The Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) is focused on facilitating teaching excellence in the classroom, enabling innovative pedagogies for effective learning, facilitating engagement and interaction with the corporate world, assisting in the measurement of learning, and supporting the writing of business cases.


Promote and facilitate teaching excellence at the ISB by offering mentoring, training, and resource support.  We also help enhance the quality of teaching in other institutions by offering seminars and workshops.




Enable effective learning at the ISB by encouraging innovative teaching approaches, and assist in the measurement of the impact of learning.  More specifically, we focus on innovative technologies that help teachers better engage students in pre-class and in-class settings.

Case Development

Support the writing of India-specific (and emerging market based) business cases among ISB faculty as well as faculty of other b-schools, enable the dissemination of these cases to the global classroom, and provide training for case teaching among business faculty in India.

Knowledge Dialogue

Through Management ReThink, ISB’s flagship research periodical, and affiliated digital channels, CLMP creates avenues for knowledge exchange among the world’s top academics, practitioners and thought leaders from across sectors.


ISB Cases

The Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) works with ISB faculty in developing and publishing cases as part of ISB’s case collection. These cases are distributed through partnerships with Harvard Business Publishing, Ivey Publishing and The Case Centre and are used in top international business schools including Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, and the London School of Economics to name a few.

Global Footprint of ISB Cases


Copies Sold

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Cases Published

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Recently Published Cases

General Management

Suprajit Engineering: Ensuring Family and Business Continuity

Sonia Mehrotra; Kavil Ramachandran

The case reveals not only the process adopted by Rai to formulate the instrument of family governance-the family constitution-but also his ability to focus on building the capacity of all family members. The case closes with Rai reflecting on the satisfying journey thus far and hoping that the family constitution will be comprehensive enough to take care of the conflicting scenarios that could arise in the future.


25 Sep 2022


Rural Prosperity in the Face of Climate Change: Mahindra Strives for Sustainable Strategies

Sanjana Gorti, Ahaana Mahanti, D.V.R. Seshadri, Prachee Javadekar, Sailesh Rao

This case illustrates the efforts of the Mahindra Group's Agri Business and Farm Equipment divisions to drive sustainability-oriented action aimed at improving the lives of rural communities and preparing them to adapt to the impacts of climate change. 


01 Sep 2022

General Management

Hyper Island: A Creative Business School's Disruptive Maneuvers to Hold its Ground in the Education Landscape (A & B)

Saumya Sindhwani, Lakshmi Appasamy

The case is discussed from the perspective of Melanie Cook, the Asia-Pacific Managing Director of HI in Singapore. Cook played a key role in HI's strategy team. In 2017, HI launched a consulting service to design and deliver bespoke learning journeys for its corporate clients to generate more revenue and create a unique competitive advantage. 

02 Aug 2022

ISB Case Collection

Published and distributed by Harvard Business Publishing

ISB Cases on Ivey Publishing

Published and Distributed by Ivey Publishing as ISB-Ivey co-branded cases.

Teaching & Learning

The Teaching & Learning activities at the CLMP are focused on the following broad areas:

  1. Encouraging and supporting the writing and publication of high-quality India-specific cases;
  2. Implementing the “assurance of learning” programme for all degree programmes at ISB;
  3. Assisting in the measurement of the impact of executive training programmes conducted at ISB;
  4. Enabling teaching excellence in the classroom at ISB and in business schools across India;
  5. Encouraging the practice of innovative pedagogies in the classroom, in the form of technology and simulations.

Assurance of Learning

Assurance of Learning (AoL) is the process towards continuous improvement of a program. The primary purpose of doing AoL is ensuring that students have achieved the goals we have set. The process entails the program to - define its learning goals, assess student achievement for these goals, and utilize what is learned through assessment to continually improve its curriculum.

Workshops & Conferences

The Centre for Learning and Management Practice organizes several annual and one-time events which are in line with its objective of facilitating overall improvement of pedagogy at B-schools. To conduct several of these events, the Centre invites members from ISB faculty, including those who may be visiting faculty from top international schools.

CLMP events

Management ReThink


The idea of ISB Management ReThink was born out of the impending need to revisit and redefine the time-tested tenets of management, and at the same time, identify how they can still hold on to their relevance in contemporary times. With the ever-changing dynamics of management philosophies, and the associated classroom teaching methodology, it is about time to readjust the focus by shaking the fundamentals, breaking myths and bringing about the change necessary to survive in this cut-throat era of stiff competition.

With this platform, we extend our enthusiasm to collaborate with India Inc. on the latest trends and challenges in the industry, as the world economy stands at an extraordinarily crucial juncture. With the universe of business becoming more glocal (global+ local) than ever, connecting our worlds in remarkable ways, Indian industry is all set to play a key role in this disruption leading to a new world order.

Our endeavour is to collaborate across boundaries and share inspiration as an essential element of our comprehensive approach. To broaden our perspective and in order to inspire each other, we must be inquisitive about the world around us and open ourselves to new thinking.

Our aim is to forge new partnerships between academia and the industry via our erudite content. Empowering our readers with intelligent, contemporary and out-of-the-box content, we are keen to initiate a knowledge dialogue that would not only bridge the gap, but also impact the entire eco-system in a fundamental way

Latest Issue

GS10K Women's Ambassadors Programme


The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Ambassadors Programme builds upon the business capabilities created by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women. It aims to identify and work with women business owners who have an established business model and are ready to scale their business to new heights. 

  1. Take the next leap of business growth
  2. Integrate growth strategies with execution capabilities
  3. Leverage technology for expansion and operations
  4. Develop the second line of leadership within their organisation
  5. Effectively grow networks and strategic alliances
  6. Create and practice their pitch for their business growth

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Women's Excellence Initiative

Women's participation in the workforce in India has been abysmally low. Indian women’s contribution to the GDP is one of the lowest in the world (17%). Lack of female participation in spite of them being active in secondary and tertiary education is worrisome. Further, while a number of young women do join the workforce, the numbers get thinner as one looks upwards at the corporate pyramid.

Through Women's Excellence Initiative, we undertake research to understand and identify the root-cause of the common issues that inhibit women engagement and growth in the workforce from an Indian and Asian perspective and at the same time assimilate the best practices from across the world. 

The Women's Excellence Initiative is aimed at encouraging dialogue, discussion, debate and ideation on how to engage, retain and accelerate more women in the workforce by understanding their challenges and ensuring meaningful data-driven solutions. Indian School of Business continues to significantly contribute to women in business through all its programmes.


Practice-led research

The Centre will facilitate collaborative projects between industry and government agencies with ISB research centres and institutes and faculty to enable the development of forward-looking insights into key topics such as Strategic Human Capital, Managing Across Borders, Value Migration and Financing Innovation. These co-funded projects will shed light on topics that are of particular interest in growth-oriented, dynamic yet volatile emerging markets.

The Team

The Centre for Learning and Management Practice has a talented team of case writers, content developers, and event coordinators. They develop business cases; write content for different channels of communication, and liaison with internal and external stakeholders in developing state-of-the-art tools in business pedagogy.

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