Creating Impact through Shared Purpose: Pratham’s ADP India CSR Programme

December 2020

This case commentary, revolving around the strategic alliance between education sector-based NGO Pratham and the HR technology corporate ADP, discusses the dynamics leading to the success of the partnership. Practitioners from three diverse fields offer their views on engaging cross-sector collaboration and seeking new partners particularly in these changing, turbulent times.

Although funding was the primary support that Pratham, renowned NGO in the education sector in India, sought from a corporate partner, it was valuable when the partners involved themselves in Pratham’s programs and were able to contribute time and effort along with the money. The partner’s engagement with the programs had gained even more importance with the COVID-19 outbreak as new challenges made themselves known and impact became harder to define.  In this scenario, Pratham’s collaboration with ADP (Automatic Data Processing), a corporate specialising in providing payroll and human resource management solutions, stood out as an exemplar alliance that had helped create significant impact in Hyderabad and Pune. However, in Pratham’s experience finding and engaging partners was not easy, especially in these tough times.

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Case Study:

Leaders at Pratham contemplate on the challenges of selecting corporate partners whose goals and ideals align with Pratham’s



The experts bring in their perspective as they respond to the key questions the case poses.


Social sector, Education, NGOs, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cross-sector partnerships, Alliances, Strategy, Resource sharing


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