ISB with the support of FRHS led the implementation of the timely immunization pilot in four blocks of Muzaffarpur district in Bihar with a sub contact with FRHS. The pilot assessed the feasibility of a package of interventions to improve timely immunization of infants with the objective to answer the following questions:

1. Do pay-for-performance incentives to ASHAs, conditional on timely administration of vaccines, improve the overall timeliness of vaccinations?

2. Does an integrated ICT platform that automates the workflow of ANMs, improve the overall timeliness of vaccination?

3. Are there complementarities between the incentives to temporary employees and efficiency-enhancing tools to permanent government employees?

4. Do personalized reminder calls to mothers / caregivers improve the timeliness to vaccination?


The study aims at assessing the technical feasibility of an ICT platform designed to improve frontline health worker (FHW) workflow, and study the impact of pay-for-performance to the FHW and reminder calls to caregivers on timeliness and coverage of vaccination for children.

Project Team

Professor Sarang Deo

Principal Investigator

Sisir Debnath

Co-Principal Investigator

Mahesh Shete


Tags: Vaccination, Covid response



Institute for Financial Management and Research



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