Emerging Technology Series

The Emerging Technology series is curated by SRITNE along with the Student Business Technology Club at ISB. Thought leaders and industry experts share the latest trends and innovative technologies reshaping the business landscape.

SRITNE has sucessfully presented Emerging Technology Series in various topics such as RPI, ethics in AI and data analytics.

IT & Analytics

Analytics at Swiggy

David Zakkam

VP - Analytics, Swiggy

28 Feb 2020

Speaker Session

Building Digital Workforce using RPA & AI

Raghav Nyapati

Director of Product Management, ASG Technologies

23 Mar 2019

Speaker Session

Emerging Technology

Sanjay Menon

Managing Director, Sapient India

01 Oct 2017

Speaker Session

AI & Ethics

Prashant Gupta

Program Director, Azure Group

01 Sep 2019

Speaker Session

Emerging Technology

Sanjay Menon

Managing Director, Sapient India

16 Jul 2018

Speaker Session

Emerging Technology Trends & its Implications

Ajay Bhaskar

Vice President & Global Head Corporate Strategy & IP, WIPRO

17 Aug 2019

Speaker Session

Artificial Intelligence

Prashant Gupta

Program Director, Azure Group

16 Jul 2018

PGP Scholarships

SRITNE has offered deserving students scholarships upto INR 2,00,000 every year. The top 5 students who obtan the highest GPA in the Information Systems area are selected for this cash award.

Co '20

Manish Rajwani

Nipun Jindal

Pragya Maheshwari

Rahul Singla

Vibhas Puri 

Co '19

Aayush Rajesh Poddar

Harish Bommerla

Nitin Goyal

Rashi Choudhari

Vipin Sirigiri  


Co '18

Apurva Agarwal

Aditya Jain

Manuj Mundra

Mradul Modi 


Co '17

Mayank Thakur

Mohit Patni

Pramod Suresh


Co '16

Chinmay Mihra

Farid Jalal

Nandan Muralidharan

Case Competitions

SRITNE co-hosts annual case competitions in tune with an increasingly digitized world. These acse competitions are open for all students nationally and it is a chance for anyone, no matter which Business School they are from, to compete with some of the top case teams out there. Consisting of multiple rounds,  the case competition is held  remotely and the top 3 teams are invited to ISB to compete in the grand final — all expenses covered. The case competitions provide chance to practice case-solving and be challenged by a panel of faculty which is an experience rarely gained while studying.


ISB’s premier International Management festival hosting a motley of events that combine the effervescence of innovative ideas with the brilliance of management perspective. Through a series of B-plan competitions, case challenges, simulations and quizzes, Advaita presents to B-School students across campuses from India and abroad a platform to demonstrate their business acumen and the grit to see innovative ideas through. Advaita also provides participants the added bonus of networking opportunities and idea-exchanges. Uno Y Cero is an analytics event powered by SRITNE. It is a learning platform to understand the most prominent data gathering and processing techniques intertwined with strategy.