The following courses on different programmes are facilitated by the centre:

Full time Post Graduate Programme (PGP)

  • Competitive Strategy
  • Strategy, Leadership and Resource Management in Family Business 
  • Sustainable Strategic Management

Post Graduate Programme in Management for Family Business 

The programme has been uniquely designed to enable young members of families to equip themselves with skills and competencies so that they may capitalise on opportunities and take on challenges. The next generation of family business leaders will gain a deep understanding of business operations, master the latest management methodologies, tools and techniques, enhance their leadership skills and help drive innovation to create a business that endures for generations.

Advanced Management Programme for Infrastrucutre 

  • Developing an Entrepreneurial Venture for Infrastructure 


The Centre offers training programmes for leaders, family members and executives of family firms which focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that these enterprises face in today’s global business scenario. Transformation of family businesses require focused training inputs and hence the centre collaborates with the ISB Centre for Executive Education to offer a wide variety of short duration programmes. Each of these has been developed carefully in accordance with specific needs of family leaders and executives.

Please refer to the tabs below to learn more about our short duration programmes. 

  • Family Business - Managing Growth and Transformation
  • Mediation in Business Families
  • Women in Family Business
  • Next Generation in Family Business -Getting the Future Ready
  • Making Directors Effective in Family Business
  • Advising the Family Enterprise: Facilitating Sustainable Growth and Success