Mediation 101: Resolving Conflict or Separating Amicably in Business Families

Business Families frequently encounter unique challenges. Trouble in the family may harm the family business; and challenges at the business level may strain or sever the family’s relationships. Failure to address these challenges effectively and early can be fatal for both the family and the business. The legal routes available to resolve such challenges are often lengthy and costly and can damage reputation and relationships. Mediation can be an effective way for a family to address the conflicts that threaten their business and their relationships and in the best cases to emerge stronger as a business and a family.

Family Business - Managing Growth and Transformation

Running a family business often brings in conflicts, at the interface of family and business, while exploring growth opportunities. You have to develop competitive strategies and at the same time, build internal capabilities to manage the challenges that come with adopting changes. It is not always easy for family-run businesses to transform themselves, because of lack of professionalisation and governance. Family Business: Managing Growth and Transformation is a programme that enables you to identify and understand the challenges that come with the transformation of a growing family business, and develop key skills for managing it

Women in Family Business

Tailor-made for women belonging to business families, this programme focusses on their role, and the most significant challenges they face, direct and indirect, with their family business. The programme will delve into the effectiveness of a businesswoman, and her contribution to building a long-lasting family business.  

Advising the Family Enterprise: Facilitating Sustainable Growth and Success

Most businesses in India and other Asian countries are family controlled and managed. However, family businesses face unique decision dilemmas as they operate within the interface of family, business and ownership systems. Expert advice to help the family enterprise navigate through these complex challenges is highly valued and sought after but is rarely available. Addressing this need, the programme helps the participants master the concepts and skills required to deal with family business challenges and become an effective advisor. The mentoring capabilities built through this programme help the participants devise insightful solutions that leave a lasting impact on their family business clientele

Making Directors Effective in Family Business

Directors of family controlled businesses have to address unique challenges. They need to understand the overlapping features of family and business to perform their responsibilities. This programme will enable participants to be effective board members. The program will equip the directors of family businesses to carry out their responsibilities towards the growth and perpetuity of the business


Professor Kavil Ramachandran (Ram) is one of the foremost authorities on family business, with over three decades of teaching, research, and consulting experience. His expertise lies in managing the challenges at the interface of governance, professionalisation, and strategy, particularly in rapidly-growing mid-size multi-generational family businesses. Professor Ram is a sought after consultant on transformation of family business. He has prepared several case studies, interacted with various well-known family business leaders and global experts, and has consulted on the transformation of family businesses. He is a frequent speaker to communities of family businesses in India and abroad, and writes for popular media regularly. He is the Executive Director of the Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise at the Indian School of Business. His latest book, “The Ten Commandments for Family Business”, is extensively used by family business practitioners in India and outside.

Professor Sougata Ray is Thomas Schmidheiny Chair, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Practice and Executive Director of the Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise at the ISB. He blends over three decades of experiences in diverse roles – international quality academic, research and institution building practice with hands on corporate managerial and governance experiences as an executive, member of the Board of Directors, co-founder of start ups, corporate advisor and executive coach. He has developed deep insight into strategy, innovation and intrapreneurship, strategic leadership and entrepreneurship, corporate governance and restructuring, international business, and digital transformation of firms and family business groups in high growth economies. He has taught in scores of executive education programs; designed and conducted many workshops exclusively for Family Business Leaders, Owner-managers, Entrepreneurs and C-Level Executives and delivered key note addresses and participated in panel discussions at regional, global and company events both in India and abroad.